Innovation by vendors

Published on Wednesday, 30 November 2016

“The project “Innovation by vendors” originates from the belief that suppliers can be a great source of innovation, a network that connects entrepreneurs and innovators, facilitates exchange and fuels our constant need to innovate through their ideas, materials and services.”

The goal of the project is learning more about how a company can stimulate, manage and sustain over time the innovative contributions that come from its suppliers, which necessarily includes implementing a number of processes to identify and search for new partners able to contribute consistently to the company's innovation plans.

This search involves the usual suppliers as well as companies operating in different sectors, to stimulate the use of untraditional and unconventional approaches that can bring new ideas and lead in new directions.

From an Open Power point of view, we submit a specific process to a group of suppliers in order to analyse all its stages together, identify scope for improvement and listen to any suggestions.

A way to evolve our work, share our objectives with new partners, explore new business opportunities and anticipate future developments in the sector, focussing on the most advanced innovation trends.

“Innovation by vendors” is the demonstration that we are able to set the trajectory of change in a new energy world in which ideas travel fast and being able to embrace them is essential.