“Innovation is one of the key elements of our strategy and our business culture: being open to the latest models, methods and technologies to be able to compete and offer an excellent service to our clients, is an essential aspect of our mission.”

In this way, Startups are key protagonists of the future, ideal partners to interpret our market, address it with fast and dynamic tools and bring it the power of new ideas with solid prospects of development.

To maintain this competitive edge, at Enel we have developed a special accreditation process for Startups, a Fast Track mode to make quicker payments and orders.

“Part of our work consists in attracting the best international Startups, evaluate and choose the best projects to which offer our know-how, financial and industrial support and our client base. An advantageous solution for both parties: and opportunity for growth for the Startups; a way of developing and providing new products and services for Enel.”

By taking care of the technical aspects of the process, Global Procurement takes on the role of company innovation facilitator, promoting contamination with the world of digital Startups. 

The road to innovation is still long but we know that, by relying on the creative and innovative inputs that come from this economic sector, this road will be downhill.

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