This year’s annual suppliers’ meeting, focused on the Sustainable Supply Chain, was held in Peru on September 8th.

Procurement and the attending Business Lines, along with Peru’s Sustainability unit, reported on the importance of keeping contractors and suppliers aligned with Enel’s sustainable goals and the Group’s strategic approach on Health & Safety and Sustainability, in compliance with the UN Global Compact and GRI Peru.

Furthermore, the event introduced some of Peru’s most relevant sustainability projects, such as Smart Cities and the new, large scale Solar and Wind plants.

In response, Supplier companies showed commitment to start a collaborative process with Enel, aimed at defining KPIs and a simplified reporting of their sustainable actions.

Part of the meeting was dedicated to showcasing changes applied to the Qualification process and the illustration of the Circular Economy concept. Other topics involved special initiatives, such as Customer Journey and Reverse Factoring.

The yearly meeting is a collective arena, conceived to share experiences and updates. See you in 2018 for a new opportunity to learn more about doing business with Enel!