New rules in case of Health and Safety violations

Enel, with the aim of reducing risks for Health and Safety at work, strictly implements selection and management of its contractors and proceeds to a careful evaluation in case of events related to violations of the existing OH&S legislation made by contractors.
A new internal rule has been introduced with respect of violations of health and safety resulting in a suspension and their recurrence; in particular are monitored the occurrence and the significance of such violations in a three-year period of observation (are taken into account, in fact, violations possibly happened in the three years before the event in question).
The recurrence of such events in the three-year period leads to an evaluation of the contractor and the possible adoption of consequent measures by Enel.
Enel Group, in fact, is focused in finding contractors that provide the best in terms of Health and Safety standards at work, with whom he plans to continue to develop business opportunities in all Countries where the Group operates.