Global Procurement has equipped itself with a matrix organisation that allows the sharing of experiences and specific skills, so as to be able to respond swiftly and appropriately to business requirements.

This organisation provides for the management of procurement procedures by five different Global Procurement Units, in a matrix with Local Procurement Units according to clearly defined responsibilities and governance.

The Global Procurement Units

They accept requests from the corresponding Global Business Lines of the Enel Group, developing procurement strategies on a global scale:

  • Global Infrastructure and Networks Procurement
  • Global Power Generation Procurement
  • Global Digital Solutions Procurement
  • Enel X Procurement


The Local Units

Their presence in the territory makes it possible to identify, collect and analyse needs more easily and therefore to develop effective strategies and plans for local specificities:

  • Iberia procurement
  • Italy procurement
  • Romania procurement
  • Argentina procurement
  • Brazil procurement 
  • Chile procurement
  • Colombia procurement
  • Peru procurement

This organisation is completed by two other Services Units that work to control the procurement processes:

Global Procurement Governance and Suppliers Management

It manages the Suppliers Register (Qualification and Vendor Rating), defines and controls Processes and procedures, promoting and consolidating best practice initiatives and seeking the best opportunities on the market with a view to innovation and the involvement of new suppliers.

Digital Hub procurement

It guarantees an efficient and effective implementation of the initiatives by designing a coherent system architecture.