“For this reason, Health and Safety at Work is the most valuable asset to be protected. ”

Developing and disseminating a solid culture of health and safety is essential to ensuring a healthy and accident-free work environment for everyone within the Group and for the companies that collaborate with us.

In fact, all employees are responsible for their own health and safety and for those of the people with whom they interact. As foreseen in the Stop Work Policy, any situation at risk or unsafe behaviour must be promptly stopped and reported.

Our goal is to raise awareness on H&S risks, promoting responsible behaviours to ensure that activities are performed with quality and without accidents, and to protect people’s health.

For this reason, Enel also involves its contractors in development and awareness-raising programmes: each person has to feel responsible for his or her own health and safety and of others. Sharing everything is critical to improving together. Our improvement, the success of our business and the value of our company are all based on the essential combination of quality and safety, without which it would be impossible to continue to develop the best business opportunities with all our partners.