“In our activities suppliers’ contribution is essential. Therefore, we select the best partners, able to guarantee quality and sustainability. To achieve these results, we have developed a qualification process that enhances the technical and organizational skills of each supplier, while assessing their solidity and integrity; additionally, from an Open Power point of view, we keep a communication channel open with companies, sharing the evaluation of their performances thought the Vendor Rating system and collaborate to help them improve, during the entire contract cycle.”

All this happens within a well-defined, well-structured Procurement process, open to the specific characteristics of each supplier. We consider the companies we interact with as part of our team, with individual qualities that enrich the portfolio of solutions offered to Enel; we respect specific local characteristics and consider diversity and innovation as added values.

Therefore, our decision-making process can only be transparent and shared. For the same reasons, we consider the respect of ethical standards as an essential requirement to start and maintain a solid client-supplier relationship.

Every day, all types of different companies come in contact with Enel: Startups and consolidated brands, research laboratories and communication companies, technical specialists and service providers. Global Procurement represents the first point of contact – a responsibility of which we are aware and proud of at the same time. Our daily commitment is a project to open and improve continuously, because we apply to ourselves the same quality criteria that we apply to anyone who wants to become an Enel supplier.