“Environmental, social and economic sustainability drives our business choices, our investments and our industrial strategies: this is how we develop an approach towards work that creates a shared value, for the Group and the world.”

We are aware that leading the energy sector means assuming a decisive role in addressing climate change and its impact on people’s lives.

With determination, and using renewable energy sources, we commit to reaching a very important target by 2050: become a zero CO2 emissions energy company.

However, there is no sustainability without innovation.

Ours is a network open to innovation and we collaborate with numerous partners to make a better world for everyone, and develop services that we have yet to imagine. 

“We have always adopted state of the art technology to work on methods and tools that can help us analyse consumption and offer the most efficient services, to distribute energy where and when needed, reducing costs and waste to the minimum. ”

Inspiration and innovation can come from anywhere. This is why we constantly search for ideas, inspiration and knowledge, outside our company.

Only rethinking the way we work will allow us to really change the industry and develop new technologies and solutions with the power to revolutionise the old markets and create new ones.

We are at the beginning of a new era, an era open to participation, in which everyone is connected and has the opportunity to help address the world’s greatest challenges.

Enel is all this. Enel is Open Power.

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