Local Procurement Units

“Their presence on the ground allows us to easily identify, collect and analyse local needs and develop effective plans and strategies for each individual case. Thanks to Local Procurement Units, we manage and monitor material supply, work and services, including the micro-contracts managed directly by Business Units.”

Local Procurement Units actively take part in reaching one of the main objectives of our mission: the constant creation of new connections. As they are able to easily identify synergy and partnership opportunities, they collaborate in the creation of the Global Procurement Unit strategies, providing the local knowledge necessary to analyse the requirements of ongoing activities or supporting the selection process on a global basis.

The Local Procurement Units are divided as follows:

  • Procurement Europe and North Africa
  • Procurement Iberia
  • Procurement Italy
  • Procurement Argentina
  • Procurement Brazil
  • Procurement Chile
  • Procurement Colombia
  • Procurement Peru

For our Group, being able to select the right partners, follow all the stages and offer our guarantees and transparency even to the smallest communities, means being able to create long-lasting and sustainable connections, in line with the Open Power approach.