Enel implements Material Lifecycle Management (MLM)

In the framework of materials supply chain digitalization process, Enel is implementing Material Lifecycle Management (MLM), the first suite for the integrated management system for technical specification, defects and warranties monitoring,  passing through TCA and quality control phase,  to reach further on to shipment, storage and installation on the field up to component end of life.

Such a system, together with materials logistics and installation tracking, based on SAP modules, will ensure the traceability end2end of materials, PPE and equipment lifecycle.

Thanks to a collaborative approach, the relationship between Enel and the Suppliers will be managed inside a community, allowing to speed up information exchange and tasks and activities management, aimed at increasing process efficiency and effectiveness.

In the Technical Specification Management (TSM) module, the Supplier can check technical specification related to Merchandise Groups for which he is qualified and participate to the drafting of new revisions.

In the Technical Conformity Assessment (TCA) module, instead, he can manage his tasks, from the request up to the authorization, constantly following the progress.

In the Quality Control Activities (QCA) module, the Supplier can upload his production plans, his testing notice, his outcomes and obtain the Quality Approvals for subsequent shipping.

In the Material Shipping (MSH) module, the Supplier can book shipping slots towards the platform/the installation site.

Finally, in the Components and Materials Defects (CMD) module, he can manage all the tickets for assistance requests either under warranties or based on quotation and the failure analysis on the most critical defective cases.

The TSM and TCA systems are already functional; the others will be operative in the next months.

To receive any support you might need you can write us at the following e-mail addresses:

  • MLM-TSM_support@enel.com for TSM assistance;
  • MLM-TCA_support@enel.com for TCA assistance;
  • MLM-QCA_support@enel.com for QCA assistance;
  • MLM-MSH_support@enel.com for MSH assistance;
  • MLM-CMD_support@enel.com for CMD assistance;
  • MLM_support@enel.com for MLM access assistance.