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Enel Machinery and Spare Parts for sale

On 22/06/2016 Enel has started the sale process for Machinery and Components

Machineries on sale are Steam and Gas Turbines, Generators, Transformers and other equipments (pump, valves, compressor, HV/MV switch, LV/MV Motors, Coal Crushers, fans, conveyor belt, automation system) ...


New rules in case of Health and Safety violations

Enel, with the aim of reducing risks for Health and Safety at work, strictly implements selection and management of its contractors and proceeds to a careful evaluation in case of events related to violations of the existing OH&S legislation made by contractors...


Enel Distribuzione becomes e-distribuzione

From the 30th of June the italian company of the Group "Enel Distribuzione" becomes "e-distribuzione".
The change is only in the company name and not in the other invoicing data.
Enel will keep on managing the invoices related to the contracts of the aforementioned company signed before the 1st of July 2016 even if they carry the old name.

Suppliers Latin America – 2One: New purchasing system now available


2One, the new purchasing system of the Global Procurement, is available for all the suppliers of Latin America from August 8 ...

Enel Group General Contract Conditions 6th edition


Starting with July 1, 2016, the sixth edition of “General Contract Conditions of Enel Group” entered into force and shall apply to contracts concluded between the Group Companies and its Contractors, for procurement of materials and equipment, works and services.

The sixth edition is applicable in 15 Countries: Italy, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Russia, Slovakia and Romania, for contracts concluded from the above mentioned date, unless they are related to previous procurement procedures for which will be applied to, the General Contract Conditions indicated in the relevant tender documentation.