Green Pass obligation in Italy

Following the release of Italian Legislative Decree 127/2021, all employees of companies operating in Enel sites (contractors and subcontractors) will be required to possess, and upon request to exhibit Green Covid-19 certification (Green Pass) at entry to offices and / or Enel installations.

Employees found without this certification will be denied the access company offices and / or workplaces, while this obligation should not be considered applicable to workers exempted from vaccination,  thanks to medical certification released according to criteria of the Italian Ministry of Health guidelines.

The Green Certification will be requested directly by  Security staff contracted by Enel in the manned Enel sites, while for those  unmanned, this check will be executeddirectly by the employees of the contractor/subcontractor, who shall send a daily report with cumulative data of the controls and related feedbacks to their ENEL contractual references on weekly basis

However, Enel reserves to make direct, random checks on workers to Enel access gates.

We are confident on everyone's collaboration to continue together on back to normality road.

New communication COVID-19

Dear Contractor/Supplier,

due to an increase of Covid-10 contagion, recorded in particular in Europe in the last months, and the long lasting emergency situation in the rest of the world, in continuity with the previous information "Coronavirus Communication Enel - Suppliers", we invite you to pay maximum attention to the application of all the prevention measures set by the National Authorities and by the Enel Protocols and Operating Instructions and to ensure strict compliance by all the employees.

Notwithstanding  the responsibility in charge to each employer towards his/her employees, Enel renews its invitation to undertake all the prevention and protection actions necessary or just still considered appropriate, which have a weight and level at least equivalent to those adopted by Enel Group, in order to ensure the protection of employees’ health and the limitation of contagion during the execution of activities under contract with the Enel Group Companies and in any other occasion and relationship with Enel employees.

Among them, the fundamental and prioritary measures are social distancing and the obligation to be always provided with and to wear the protective mask both indoor and outdoor. We also remind you the importance of respecting all the procedures set for the access to our offices/plants and the indications provided by the safety signs and safety boards installed.

Considering the importance of this issue, Enel has updated the Stop Work Policy, asking to everyone, in case he/she detects risky behaviors, to timely intervene by stopping the activities ongoing and request all the attendees, especially those not wearing the mask to use it immediately in order to let them restart the work in a safe manner.

We also invite you, in compliance with the privacy legislation, to immediately inform Enel contract manager of any COVID-19 confirmed case between your employees who that in the previous 10 days have been working in Enel premises or have had contacts with Enel employees.

Moreover it’s strongly recommended to comply with the precautions defined by the WHO and the National Health Authority, which are periodically updated in relation to the evolution of the emergency.

Enel is aware of the peculiarity of the moment that we are all experiencing, but equally determined in giving continuity to the work activity, adopting all the prevention and protection measures necessary to eliminate or reduce the risk of contagion and preserve our health and that of our families. Everyone is called to provide his/her contribution and Enel is available to provide any kind of support in this phase, if necessary.

We count on everyone's collaboration to overcome all together the current situation.

Head of Global Procurement at Enel
Francesca Di Carlo