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Insurance Policies RCT/O – Agreements with main insurance companies

For the suppliers active in Italy, contractors with Enel, we made available convenient agreements for stipulating insurance policies for Workers and Third Party Liability, resulting from their own activity – RCT/O – with two main companies.

For further information you can contact the companies directly:

Company AXA, for policies covering the activity contract with  limits of indemnity up to € 15 milion, through the link http://www.axa.it/professione

Compagnia Generali Italia, write to  Enel_RCappalti@generali.com

New update of the Vendor Rating model applied to the Infrastructure and Networks contractors in Italy

From 1 January 2015 , with reference to merchandise groups of works of Infrastructure and Networks Italy ( LELE05 , MELE05 , LESC01 ) , in the case of ATI , Consortia and RTI,  vendor rating is applied not only to the consortium , RTI and Mandate of ATI , but also to the individual contracting companies / subcontractors work ... continue

“PortalOne” becomes the Global and Unique Supplier registration point for all the Enel group companies, a single interface to Enel global procurement world.

With the new global registration, now available in this home page, any supplier around the world is able to completely manage his relationship with any Enel Group company through a unique registration process and “single sign-on” access to Enel Group suppliers database and procurement systems. At the same time the actual supplier registration points on local portals are not available anymore. 

With this new feature any supplier is allowed immediately, using its unique username and password, to interact with any Enel Group companies through the global dashboard (called myHome), to enjoy the use of all the supplier services available: answering tenders invite, managing qualification process, checking vendor rating results, and so on.   ...continue